Touring Ontario, Canada with the Live Welk Show
December 2002
   Canada followed Branson and here I am with our fabulous Tour promoter, Brian Edwards. In back is John Chambers, our very concientious and sweetheart of a stage manager, and my pal, Ava.

 Henry, Jack Imel and Dick Dale entertained royally for our audiences in Canada.


Would you believe Cissy showed up backstage in Ottawa?! What a wonderful surprise. Here we are with Ava.

We had a night out in Toronto and Henry offered his talent to the very appreciative audience at one of my favorite French retaurants. He brought the house down!


Ava and I on the street in downtown Toronto. It was great having her on the Tour and I just love this picture of us.

Coming back to our hotel, Ava and I serenaded our fellow subway riders, astutely accompanied by Janette Cuesta. (Not to worry Henry! Ha!)


  Our favorite Santa, always, Dick Dale.

 This epitomizes the road. It says it all!



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