Ralna's Overdue Photos!

  (l. to r.): Ralna, Mary Ann Daversa and Paul Von Adam. My old musician "roadie" buddies, Mary Ann and Paul came to Phoenix with the Andy Williams Christmas Show. It was better than ever! and Andy was in perfect form.

My tennis buddy, Sandy Goldstein, is quite an artist! Here she is in front of the beautiful interpretive painting she did for me featuring my piano and chair.


  I've gained five pounds and am feeling good on this beautiful day in Arizona.

    I went to LA to be with sister Jane for a few days and we had a little celebration for Tanya's big birthday. Tanya, Jane and Michelle all have birthdays close together so it was lots of fun! (l. to r.): Mary Lou Metzger, Tanya Welk Roberts, Jane English Rickwalt and Michelle Mazurki.
  (l. to r.): Ralna, Tanya and Mary Lou.

 Julie was honored at an Arizona Diamondbacks game, along with other teachers in Phoenix and I got to share in the festivities. (By the way, the Diamondbacks beat the
Detroit Tigers that day!)


  Ralna and Dave Shirk at Dave's studio, Sonorous Mastering.

Sonorous Mastering, Amato Image Design, and Tempe Tape & Disk are all under one roof here in Arizona, making it very convenient to get our latest CD, "Only You" out quickly to all of you.