Ralna's Summer 2007

  My darling friends and neighbors went to "Oprah's Spa," Miraval, in Tucson in July. What fun we had! (l. to r.): Judy, Marcy, Ralna and Pat.

 One of my favorite people in the whole world came out for 2 days in Sedona at the beautiful Hyatt Pinon Pointe Resort. Cindy and I haven't seen much of each other since I wasn't able to be in Branson this season. She is one of the nicest people on this earth.


  Marilyn and Ken Delo and I came out to see Mary Ann Daversa's niece, Kiersten Taylor participate in the pro division of "Arizona Dance Classic" in Scottsdale. She is so elegant she looks like she should be on top of a cake...and so talented! Here we are after lunch, (l. to r.): Marilyn, Ken, Kiersten, Mary Ann and me.

 Host Michael Dixon and Ralna pledging, "Ralna English: From My Heart" on KAET Channel 8 in Phoenix on August 7th. Michael also hosted the pledge event for my national PBS special.


  Guy & Ralna at Bear Creek Farms in August (and they say Arizona is hot!!!)

 It was a little overcast but always a peaceful, beautiful sunset in Arizona. God lives here, you know!


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