Behind the Scenes at
"Lawrence Welk Precious Memories"
  Tom Netherton and
Jo Ann Castle at rehearsal for "Lawrence Welk Precious Memories."

Ralna and pal Judy Shaw having dinner at Gilley's. Judy is the WelkNotes owner and organized a very successful WelkNotes get-together at the Welk Resort during the tapings of "Lawrence Welk Precious Memories."



Mary Lou, Gail and Ralna were honored to share a dressing room with our Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer.

 Everyone wanted to be in our dressing room because Norma gives the best foot massage! Here she is with Jo Ann Castle.



No, this isn't a Star Wars character. It's Gail Farrell in curlers. Note how they match her outfit! And she's still beautiful!

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