On Stage in Branson 2004

  Our lighting is exceptional this year. Here I am singing "Mary Did You Know."

I join Jack Imel and the cast for our opening number. Jack and I are all decked out in our Dicken's costumes.


   Jo Ann and I are singing our hearts out on the closing number of the Christmas show.

 (left to right top row): John Bahler, Ralna, Mimi Lennon, Tuskegee Airman Harvey Bayliss and Jo Ann. (left to right bottom row): Kathy and Janet Lennon.


 The Tuskegee Airmen were the first black pilots and support crew in the US Army Air Force...against all odds they fought for freedom and democracy abroad, while being denied civil rights at home. During one of the most difficult times for blacks in our nation's history, these proud and talented men fought segregation and bigotry with hard work, common sense, and a fierce dedication to the idea that America stands for freedom for all. The Tuskegee Airmen flew over 1,500 missions as fighter and bomber pilots...as escorts they never lost a plane. They destroyed 409 enemy aircraft, among them the 1st Nazi jet; 66 were killed in action, 32 became prisoners of war, and 3 became generals. They have gone on to distinguished careers in service to their communites. We were proud to honor Harvey Bayliss at our show during Veterans week here in Branson.

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