On Tour Across America - 2003
   Ralna with Myron backstage in Salt Lake City. We were honored that he flew in from Los Angeles to help us celebrate. Also, Norma came from her home in Park City along with her sweetheart Randy, and Guy and Sis came all the way from Mississippi!!

 Lawrence Welk's son, Larry with his wife Lynn and their son, Jeffrey, along with one of Lawrence Welk's daughters Donna Mack. Lawrence's oldest daughter, Shirley, was not able to attend the 100th birthday celebration.  

   (L. to R.): Bobby Tillery, Janette Cuesta, Lynn Welk, Sis and Guy Hovis. Bobby had his first experience at conducting and he was sooooo much fun to watch. He had us all as a backstage audience...we couldn't get enough of watching him from the side stages. Not only is he a fine conductor and musician, but what a gentleman!

 This was the Lawrence Welk birthday cake that fed the entire audience. (Notice the sugar bubbles in his honor. This is the lady who made the cake). Everyone in the audience was offered a piece of this cake.  

   Guy and I appeared on the Salt Lake City CBS affiliate's noon newscast. Here we are with the co-hosts.

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