On Tour Across America - 2003
   Ralna and Mary Lou beside the Champagne Theatre in Branson, MO. This is how the Tour started (with snow) and ended in Grand Rapids, MI (with snow!!!)

 Getting ready to take off from Branson to our first venue in South Carolina. (L. to R.): Phil Parsons our stage technician, Dave Crooks our bus driver, Ava Barber, Brian Edwards our Tour manager and promoter, John Lester, Brian's assistant, and Dick Dale.  

   What a fabulous celebration we had in Salt Lake City, UT on Lawrence Welk's 100th birthday March 11th. (L. to R. top row): Myron Floren, Henry Cuesta, Ava Barber, Sis Hovis, Guy Hovis, Lynn Welk, Larry Welk. (L. to R. bottom row): Donna Mack (one of Lawrence Welk's daughters), Norma Zimmer, Mary Lou Metzger, Ralna, Jeffrey Welk is the cute little face between Mary Lou and me. He is such a nice boy and so smart!

 Norma, Ralna, Donna, Mary Lou and Lynn in Salt Lake City.  

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