Ralna on Tour with the
"Live Lawrence Welk Show"

  Julie came by right before I left on the March Tour to show Mom her new haircut.

 We had so much fun at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas. Margaret Heron of Welk Syndication flew in for a few days. It was great to have her there.


  Ralna and sister Jane, who also flew in from LA to see our show.

 Mary Lou and husband Richard Maloof in the lobby of the Orleans along with Mary Lou's Mom, Helen Metzger. It was a family affair!


  Speaking of family! One of the most-beloved of the LW musical family showed up with part of her precious family to see our show. Sandi Griffiths and hubby Brent brought along Emili and Jenni and Jenni's children. Sandi's holding baby Seth and below are Racquel and Nathan.

 We were truly honored to have Donna Mack come to several of our shows. Here is Lawrence Welk's youngest daughter along with Roger Sullivan, our illustrious stage manager, Big Tiny Little and me after one of our shows.


  Speaking of Roger, here he is getting a big kiss from wife Ava on his birthday.

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