Ralna's Sister, Jane, Visits Scottsdale
April, 2007!

"Sisters, Sisters, Ever are we such devoted sisters" so devoted I am to little sister, Jane, that I stood in line for over 2 hours at Sur La Table to have our Giada De Laurentis' cookbooks signed. It was worth it! Now I have a new appreciation for our devoted fans. God Bless You!

Above is the Food Network Chef Giada De Laurentis.

Jane, Susie Dowdy and I all purchased Giada's great new cookbook, "Everyday Pasta."

This photo of me was taken toward the end of the 2-hour line into Sur La Table to get Giada's autograph. It reminds me of the painting, "American Gothic" by Grant Wood!

 Julie's Aunt Jane and I enjoyed our day visiting Julie's classroom.


  Aunt Jane, Julie and Mom. What fun to have Jane with us. She's the best!

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