A Message From Ralna


Dear Ones,
I pray you are all well and that none of you or your loved ones were directly affected by the tragedy on Tuesday. All of us here in America and across the waters, in all parts of the world, were at least indirectly, if not directly, affected by the horrors that took place on our soil.

Watching this human tragedy over the last few days on my television has been heart-wrenching. It has also been an inspiration to see the coming together of our people, the outpouring of love, the offerings and donations of blood and money, of exhausting time spent searching, the endurance and strength of the crews, firemen, police, volunteers. The official day of prayer yesterday was so greatly needed and it reminded me that one of the reasons America exists is so we may have freedom of religion. We do not, as a nation, persecute those whose religion is different from ours. Let us remember that this is a group of terrorists who say they do these things in the name of God, much like the Klu Klux Klan who claim to be Christian and yet defame the name of God by their actions.

We are just starting to come out of our state of shock and we're coming together in joining hearts and minds to hopefully do the right thing in retaliation.

If innocent people are killed on foreign soil, then we become like "them" and I pray God prevails in this and that we find a solution that becomes the good for all.

I have tremendous faith in our government (having some experience of it first hand) at this time of trial.

Pray; for I know it changes things.

God Bless America and
God Bless us all.


For Courage, read Joshua 1:9
For Guidance, read Proverbs 3:5 and 6
For Comfort, read Jeremiah 29:11


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