Together onstage, but not off.

My favorite singers on The Lawrence Welk Show were Ralna English and Guy Hovis. I understand they are no longer married, but when I see them on reunion shows, they always sit and sing together. Have they gotten back together, and are they still performing?
—Ruby D., Colorado

Your sentiments are shared by many: The couple was one of the most popular acts on the program. Though divorced since 1984, English and Hovis have an excellent relationship and perform together whenever possible. English lives with their daughter, Julie Hovis, who recently graduated from Arizona State University, in the Scottsdale, Ariz., area. Guy Hovis remarried in February. He lives in Jackson, Miss., where he’s state director for Sen. Trent Lott. With his busy work schedule, it’s difficult for him to get away and perform with English, but he manages to on occasion. English performs regularly across the United States and Canada. Although a successful commercial and night club singer, she rose to fame, along with Hovis, when they landed a regular spot on the Lawrence Welk Show, which ran for 27 years. Repeats and reunion shows are still shown on PBS.

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