The "Ralna English Family Cookbook"
Available in March through a pledge to your local PBS station
during "Ralna English: From My Heart"

Hi Everybody,
I wanted to give you a special "preview" of my brand new cookbook titled, "Ralna English Family Cookbook." It will be a pledge "thank you" gift for a $60 donation to your local PBS station in March, 2007 during my new PBS special, "Ralna English: From My Heart."

I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the more than
150 photographs included in the book! There are also 288 pages and about 400 recipes from me, my sisters Sharon and Jane, my daughter Julie, my mother Lena Belle, my father Raul, my Aunt Eff, Aunt Pearl, Aunt Billie, Cousin Gladys, Guy's mother Frances, Guy's Sister Joye and many other family members.

There will also be a companion CD ($75 pledge), a companion VHS and companion DVD ($120 pledge), a "Super Combo Package" which includes the cookbook, the CD and your choice of either the VHS or the DVD ($240 pledge) from my special. The CD, VHS and DVD all contain 4 additional BONUS songs I performed during the taping of the special, but are not seen on the PBS broadcast.
If you'd like to see a 4-minute clip from my special, click here.

Please contact your local PBS station and find out when they plan to air my special during their 17-day fundraiser, March 3-17.

All my love,

  Here is the cover of our cookbook. Below you'll see photographs that are included within the cookbook.

  Here I am going through my personal recipe file. We spent many hours pulling together about 400 recipes for the cookbook.

  Here's a family photo before the birth of little sister, Jane.

  Here's my class photo from elementary school in Spur, Texas.

  This is a high school annual photo from Lubbock High School.

  Here's the whole family in front of our house in Lubbock, Texas (circa 1954).

  Aunt Pearl and her three nieces at McKinzie Park in Lubbock, Texas.

  Ralna and 9-month-old Julie.

  Ralna with "Trash"...(or cereal mix)...Julie's favorite at Christmas time.

  Here I am in my kitchen in Scottsdale with my "Easy Pot Roast"...a Sunday favorite!