Ralna in California, May 2006

(Pictured l. to r. front are Mary Lou Metzger and Lori Rendon. Back row l. to r. are Adrienne Lutz, Ralna, Irene Lutz and Anacani.)

Three generations of Lutz family came backstage in Cerritos to say "hello." I hadn't seen Sam's daughter, Adrienne, in many years and I was happy to meet Adrienne's daughter, Lori. Irene looked more beautiful than ever!

I went to see "Always" about Patsy Cline at the Welk Theatre in Escondido. Great show! Cissy did a wonderful job and Christa Jackson, who played Patsy was superb! (l. to r. are Cissy King, Ralna and Christa Jackson).


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