Hi Everybody!
And welcome home to all who joined us on the fabulous cruise to Alaska.

Everyone I've talked to has had nothing but good things to say about our wonderful time together.

Thanks to all who joined us and thanks to Kevin Lonseth with MET Tours for helping to make our time together so special.

It was such a dream to me--to be able to bring the family together and to have so many fans and friends there enjoying each other and beautiful Alaska!

I feel so blessed to be where I am in my life right now. I just could not be more grateful for the gifts God has given me.

Sis sent me some pictures and I took many of my own with my new digital camera...look for them on my website sometime next week!

Thank you again for sharing in this beautiful memory with me.

Love, Ralna

P.S. I hope all of you on the cruise enjoyed my little gift of the hats and the pens...what a great party! Thank you all for being there.