MARCH, 2006

  WQED's Director of On-Air Fundraising and Production and good friend Linda Taggart brought me into Pittsburgh to pitch "Lawrence Welk: Milestones & Memories." Linda has been in public television for about 20+ years and really knows her stuff!

Jim and Kristin pitched with me and were great pledge talent...they did a wonderful job.



 I really enjoyed my time on air with Jim at WQED.

 Kweilyn Murphy, On-Air Fundraising Coordinator at WQED was just one of many at the station who was so full of warmth and hospitality.

"Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" was produced at WQED all those many years! Here I am standing by one of the sets from the show where Daniel Stripped Tiger often appeared.

Here I am with jazz trumpet player Chris Botti. He was at WQED to pitch his new PBS special after I was through pitching "Milestones." What a nice guy and so good looking!

We're standing in front of
King Friday's Castle from
"Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood"...one of the many reminders of Mr. Rogers' presence at WQED.


Kevin Longseth joined Susie Dowdy and me for lunch at the famous Lidia's Italian Restaurant in Pittsburgh. Kevin is the Tour Director for the "Guy & Ralna Cruise to Alaska." What a nice guy he is. It was a pleasure to meet him and after talking to him, we're even more excited about the cruise!

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