Ralna in Oklahoma City
at the OETA TV Studios
(taping the new 2007-08 season of "The Lawrence Welk Show")

  What fun in Oklahoma City on June 5th to be with old friends for the taping of the new 2007-08 season of "The Lawrence Welk Show."

(l. to r.): Rocky Rockwell, me, Mary Lou, Janet and Kathy Lennon. 

What a treat to meet my Arizona neighbor after all these years. Rocky Rockwell still has "it."
What an entertainer!


  Janet, Ralna and Kathy at OETA.

 Ralna, Chrissy (Janet's daughter), and Janet in the OETA lobby.


  The great Bob Allen and Ralna in a photo taken by Bill Thrash in front of the famous "Milestones & Memories" official cast photo.

 Ralna and Leon Smith, the editor of our television shows and the one who makes sure we look good with his wonderful lighting!
Thanks Leon.


  Ralna and friend Louise Lee. Louise is OETA's director of development and on-air fundraising.

 Ralna and Margaret Heron of Welk Syndication. We had so much fun taping all the shows in Oklahoma and getting together afterwards.


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