Ralna Attends LA Wedding
May 2007

 Nicky Roberts, son of Tanya's husband Ken, and his bride, Brooke.


  It was great seeing old friends who are really like family to me. (l. to r.): Ralna, Phil Falappino (Tanya's father), good friend Michelle Mazurki, sister Jane and beautiful Rose (Tanya's mother).

 I'm pictured here with Uncle Dan (Tanya's mother's dear deceased sister, Auntie Anne's husband) and her other sister Aunt Mary and her husband Uncle Frank.


Three brothers--groom Nicky, Tanya and Ken's son, Kenny, (recent college graduate) and Tanya's son Kevin, (head of Welk Record Group).

 Lindy and Kevin Welk. Kevin and Lindy have two beautiful daughters, Gema and Paulina.


  Tracy and Lawrence Welk III. Larry and Tracy have two beautiful daughters (Maddy and Dana), and one son (Phillip). All of Lawrence's grandchildren were a part of the wedding party and grandson Larry Welk III officiated at the ceremony.

Ralna and Tanya in her beautiful backyard where the wedding took place. She did a fabulous job!


   Two old friends on a very happy day!

  Nicky and Brooke are both chefs! They have a wonderful restaurant called Beechwood in Venice, California.

 Three longtime friends at the end of a very emotional day. Much happiness to Nicky and Brooke. I was so thrilled to be able to attend this beautiful wedding.


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