Ralna's Birthday Bash
Alaska 2007
There are nine pages of photos from Ralna's birthday cruise...
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Photos provided by: Ralna English, Sis Hovis, Susie Dowdy, Robert Rickwalt, Judy Shaw

Southwest Airlines gave me a big birthday party on our way to Seattle! How do you like the birthday "cake" made out of toilet paper, swizzle sticks and Southwest peanuts! My "crown" of peanuts and swizzle sticks isn't too shabby either. Thank you Southwest!


   After they gave me the birthday "cake" and the whole plane sang "Happy Birthday," we all played games--the prizes were Southwest luggage tags, playing cards and pens! I even got a pair of real "plastic" wings! Southwest is the best!

 We arrived in Seattle and viewed our beautiful Sun Princess ship that would take us on a magnificent journey for the next 7 days.


  Seattle skyline view from the ship.

Guy and I were honored with a tour of the navigational deck. Here I am with the 3rd officer of the ship.


  We thought the Captain's chair looked like a barber's chair! What do you think?

Looking up from the lobby of the ship. Beautiful!


  We had a great hamburger on deck one day by the pool.

Kevin Lonseth with MET Tours made the trip so accomodating for all of us. Thanks, Kevin, for all your efforts and hard work to make this "a trip of a lifetime" for so many!



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